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5. International Contemporary Education Research Congress (CEAD 2019) will take place at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main, which is one of the major science, trade and technology hubs of Europe and Germany, between 25-27th July 2019with the cooperation of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Captain Witold Pilecki University of Applied Sciences (Poland) and Contemporary Education Research Association (CEAD).

Papers may be presented in every field of education such as educational sciences, sciences, health sciences, literature education and economics education. The papers that will be presented orally will be published as a book chapter in the congress proceedings book or in an international independent book named «Theory and Practice in Education» and as articles in various journals according to referee reports of the papers or in line with the author’s wish. The languages of the presentations are German, English, Polish, Turkish, and Russian.

Congress Calendar:

The start of abstract submission: 15 January 2019

Submission deadline for abstracts: 30 April 2019

Announcement of the selected abstracts: 25 February 2019 – 05 May 2019

The start date of early registration: 25 February 2019

The deadline for early registration: 10 May 2019

The deadline for late registration: 30 May 2019

Announcement of the congress program: 30 June 2019

The start of the congress: 25 July 2019

The end of the congress: 27 July 2019

All the details and information regarding the congress  could be reached at

You may use this e-mail address for all your inquiries:

We look forward to your participation and support and wish you luck with your studies.

Prof.Dr. Susanne Koch – Prof.Dr. Nevide Akpınar Dellal 

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